View Full Version : Multiple albums with same name not displaying correctly

Bay City
2008-03-14, 07:17
Hi All
I am having a problem with squeeze center 7.0

I have multiple albums in my collection that have the name but are unrelated to each other.

example I have 3 albums with the title Nine Lives
one by Reo Speedwagon, one by Bonnie Rait, and one by Aerosmith
they are displayed very strange in my library.
under albums they show up as nine lives artist reo speedwagon,aerosith and the bonnie rait shows up only under artist and not albums.
I have two albums titled XXX one by Chicago one by ZZ top
these show up under albums as XXX chicago,ZZ Top and under artist Chicago shows album XXX but under artist ZZ top does not show any Albums titled XXX.

Is there a bug with squeeze center not being able to sort out multiple albums with the same title?

any help would be welcome