View Full Version : Sampling rate on squeezebox digital outputs

Michel Fombellida
2004-02-14, 07:43
Hi Stuart,

yes on my system your 2 files (440 and 480) sound the same.

Following this test, I compressed one of my WAV file (that displays 44.19 on the Big Ben) to mp3 (with Lame), I then played the mp3 version on the squeezebox and... it now shows 44.11, just like your files.

I appears that the problem is specific to playing WAV files. With a frequency of 44.19 it is very likely that quite a few receivers will not manage to lock. Ideally one should really get 44.10.


Stuart <stuart (AT) stu (DOT) org.uk> wrote:

> 1) electric480 gives a reading 48.01 on the Big Ben
> 2) electric441 gives a reading 44.01 on the Big Ben
> However as soon as I select another track from my collection (they are
> all uncompressed WAV files ripped with EAC), I see the Big Ben reading
> starting to drift and finally stabilised at 44.19. Would that be a
> problem specific to WAV files?

Those two files came from a .wav file I ripped from a CD and were
encoded with Lame. One of the files was upsampled to 48.0k, and on my
Squeezbox, it sounds slowed down. It would seem your Squeezebox is
working correctly, and mine isn't! I assume when you play both my
files, they sound the same to you? That doesn't really answer your
question - maybe others can comment on your wave files.