View Full Version : SqueezeCenter 7 on Vista

2008-03-13, 19:51
I finally broke down and bought a new PC for the family.

I use an HP Pavilion zv5000 laptop for myself - wireless connected - and used a USB drive for my FLACs.
SB3 is wireless also.
I was running Slim Server 6.5.

My family PC is now an HP Pavilion Media Center m8300f PC running Vista Premium Home 32 bit.

A bit of fiddling to get the networking going.

Anyway, I loaded my 75b of FLACs from the USB drive onto the internal Media Center disks (2 x 320GB) and downloaded SqueezeCenter 7.

10 minutes later I am listening to my music on the SB3!!!
I like the "Default" interface better than the "Fishbone" I used to use.

All I can say is Wow!!! That was easy.

My only concern is that Vista seems to be screwing up my laptop's wireless network connection for some reason - that doesn't really make any sense - but it hasn't affected the SB3 yet. So - apprehensive as I was at using Vista - everything is looking good.

Got to go and listen to some Vittorio :-)