View Full Version : Mediocre review in March edition of T3 (UK)

Bruce Hartley
2004-02-14, 06:44
The squeezebox gets a full page review in the March T3.

Performance: ****-
Value: **---
Overall: ***--

There are a few errors and omissions though that I emailed to point out to


I was very pleased to see you feature the Squeezebox in the March issue,
however as an owner I thought I should pick you up on a few errors and
omissions from your review:

a.. With a little help from ffmpeg it will play .wma files
b.. Your music files do not all need to be located in one folder (you
simply place a shortcut to a 2nd folder in your main folder and it figures
out the rest)
c.. Surely you are used to paying 1 = $1 for your gadgets, although
scandalous this does seem to be the norm
d.. The "sparse but effective software" is under constant development by
an army of keen techies, new features are added almost daily
e.. The open source nature of this product is a great bonus, rapid
development of their software, near instant bug fixes etc.

Other than that, keep up the good work.