View Full Version : Not so mini ITX :-) everybody can do it

2008-03-13, 12:53
Inspired by Mick W excellent project i made one of my own !
It's not fully functional for the moment but 99% there.

It's not so mini and not so quiet more like something you stuff away in the closet (well it's quieter than my HP pavilion)

I'm a total Linux newbie, so I mainly wants to encourage people to try it's fun. I have no earthmoving technical insights to dazzle you with. but by "learning by burning" i made this combo of hardware to work together.

Case: Morex Venus 669 it includes power supply, remove ps fan cover and don't connect the small system fans.

Just enough space to have one 2,5 drive two 3,5 drives and 1 5,25 DVD and one pci slot.

Nice box made of aluminium Power supply fits Mini ITX board's and enough cables from it to supply everything you can stuff it with


VIA EPIA-EN12000EG,EDEN V41200Mhz fanless


Crucial DDR2 PC4200 1024MB CL4 Unbuffered,1.8V,128Meg x 64, 240pin
!!! this memory is not fully compatible with VIA !!! I only see half of it in BIOS setup.

Hard drives:

Samsung SSD drive 8GB

WD1000FYPS 1TB "server variant" of the WD10EACS slightly better

A DVD drive
TSSTcorpDVD-ROM SH-D162D "samsung".

A bunch of cables, SATA adapter to get power etc.

!! Warning those IDE3,5 to 2,5 adapters is crap i have one broken :-/ !! i thought i burned my SSD drive

I have Clarcconect on it now.
I have a lot off Questions i will be back.