View Full Version : What format is iTunes Plus?

2008-03-12, 16:13
I have downloaded a couple of iTunes songs, and I was just wondering if iTunes plus is still just plan MP3?

The files that I have downloaded have the extension "m4a", but are DRM free. When playing the songs if you click on the song titles it shows the file format as "Apple AAC or Movie File" and the bit rate is 250kbps CBR. Is this the same quality as ordinary MP3 250kbps, or slightly better?

2008-03-12, 16:27
m4a is plain unencrypted MPEG4 audio.

At a given bitrate, it is supposedly better than mp3. Your ears may vary.

But it is still lossy and not as 'portable' as mp3... (ie, your car stereo/non-ipod-portable are unlikely to play it, nor will your DVD player, etc.)

The advantage mp3 has is that it is so common to find a player, so if it is lossy, I still want mp3.

2008-03-12, 20:12
Also, SB will support non-DRM m4a I believe, but MusicIP does not (on linux at least, not sure about other OSes).