View Full Version : 'Jump back' functionality

2008-03-12, 11:31

Is there any thought given towards implementing something like 'Jump back' on TV. Functionality that would enable to listen to certain track (within a current playlist), wonder somewhere else, pick up and start playing some other track, change your mind and jump back to the track that was playing earlier (ideally regenerating a playlist that was current at the time). Just like TV remote remembers prior chanell and lets you get back to it.

I see it being convenient for listening to a locl music, but crucial when it comes to Internet radio. Quite often, while listening to a certain station, I'd start looking to something else, go quite a distance browsing through a radio hierarcy, try to play some other station, just to realize it isn't working. At that moment, I'm stuck with the silence and no way to get back to what I listened before (unless it's in Favorites)