View Full Version : SB3 Sometimes stops

2008-03-12, 07:18
I don't think this is the same problem that the other thread is discussing and that thread has grown a lot so I'll risk starting a new one.

My SB3 (had it going on two years now) mostly plays perfectly fine. It's never crashed or shown any other signs of distress (except when I recently upgraded to SC7 but that's another story).

However every now and again it finishes playing one track..and just stops. It doesn't do it very often and I can't find any pattern to it. Pressing play will cause it to resume and carry on as if nothing happened.

System specs:
SB3 using wired ethernet connection.

Dedicated machine. AMD3500/2GB of RAM

WMA VBR, maximum bitrate.

I wouldn't have thought that the server would have any CPU issues - on live albums the gap between tracks is barely noticeable - but it is also running one of the grid computing applications.