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2008-03-12, 03:39
Just spoke to Ripcaster who claim they will be one of the first retailers to get the Duet in the UK. Their rep claims that they haven’t even been able to get a firm date when the units will leave the European distribution hub. So what’s the delay and how much longer will we foreigners have to wait?


2008-03-12, 03:41

We want a Duet..
When do we want it.. NOW

2008-03-12, 03:58
Oh no! not good news. Their website states that they expect to have stock tomorrow - 13th March. Is this not now the case?

2008-03-12, 04:14
Don't know about Ripcaster, but Duet started shipping this week in EU and is available for example from the 13th of March in this store in the Netherlands:

2008-03-12, 05:58
Would be good to get an official answer on this.

I was really hoping Ripcaster were going to ship tomorrow. Logitech's UK site doesn't even have a pre-order option, Amazon.co.uk is quoting 2-5 weeks and advancedmp3players.co.uk having said they would have stock today now simply say "Out of Stock". Am I missing someone who does stock it?

Surely the European/UK market is important. Shipping one in from the Netherlands to the UK isn't really a viable option.


2008-03-12, 06:08
This is very dissapointing news, I was looking forward to having my Duet for the weekend..... 8-(

2008-03-12, 07:44
For the most part, in the EMEA region, we use a pure distribution model. That means we ship to distributors who ship to retailers, who ship to you.

EMEA is definitely shipping, but I'm not sure where the supply is in the channel.

-=> Jim

2008-03-12, 13:39
Ripcaster have just updated their website - Duet now expected 14th March, Seperates due on 28th March. It will be interesting to see if the 14th March date is met.

2008-03-12, 13:45
I only want a Controller - two more weeks to wait (at least) Damn it!!

2008-03-13, 02:43
The timing on the Controller/Receiver availability is not reliable.

We'll let you know when we've released them, then you can add 2-3 weeks for retailer availability.


2008-03-13, 06:35
The timing on the Controller/Receiver availability is not reliable.

We'll let you know when we've released them, then you can add 2-3 weeks for retailer availability.


This is getting a little frustrating. I spoke to AdvancedMP3Players this morning (one of 2 retailers I have a Duet order with, the other being ripcaster) and they advised that they were due a shipment from their Dutch supplier yesterday (12th) but this didnt arrive so they were waiting for the supplier to advise a new date. The website is now showing 17th Mar but if the supplier has no stock and isnt likely to get any for a number of weeks, why are they quoting dates (to their customers i.e. the retailers) that they cant fulfill?

I always suspected that we wouldnt see the Duet/Controller/Receiver in the UK until Q2 at the earliest and this now looks like being the case:-(

2008-03-13, 09:39
AFAIK we haven't produced any standalones yet. I will double check on that today.


2008-03-13, 10:04
AFAIK we haven't produced any standalones yet. I will double check on that today.


Thanks, I realise from my previous post that I have probably confused the issue. For now, I am just concerned with the Duet (SBC+SBR combination) at the moment (I have 2 on order). I had always assumed that it would take longer before retailers would be offering SBC's or SBR's individually.

2008-03-13, 14:59
Oh... they should be getting duets any day now.

The process Jim was describing can take several weeks to get product to a brick and mortar retailer after we ship them from our warehouse.

2008-03-14, 01:58
I just ordered my duet from ripcaster, cheaper than any swedish retailer and they delivery is apparently free ? to sweden to.
0 gbp in for that at checkout.

late news edit: drat they will add shipping cost after the fact that i bougth it :-/

the SBR will be my kitchen radio while I'm happy with one SBC for both my players (I have SB3 for the main ht/stereo).

i could not wait for the prices to adjust he he.
If this product is a success (hitting the mass market) we will probably see some kind "market economy" even in northern Europe.


locking forward to play with my new toys

2008-03-17, 05:35
Well, I suppose I shouldnt be surprised. AdvancedMP3Players.co.uk have just changed the stock date from today (17th) to 19th and with Easter coming up, what is the betting that the date slips again.

Ripcaster havent updated their date yet (so still showing 14th Mar), but it is very likely that they get stock from the same supplier as AdvancedMP3Players so I would expect the same date from them as well.

It is strange why there are so many delays getting the stock from the European distribution centre (in Holland) to the UK.

2008-03-17, 05:49
Just spoken to Ripcaster - stock is en route to them and due to be delivered to them today, some time this afternoon. Depending upon the timing, they have assured me they will send them back out either this afternoon or tomorrow.

Looks like I will have something to keep me occupied over Easter after all!!! (can't wait)


2008-03-17, 05:50
Depressing isn't it! It does seem to be taking a lot longer than one would imagine it should.

I've just changed my order from a Controller to a Duet in the rapidly diminishing hope that I would get my hands on it before the Easter break.

Edit - just seen Mav's post - hope you're right but Ripcaster did promise Friday last week


2008-03-17, 06:30
I've just changed my order from a Controller to a Duet in the rapidly diminishing hope that I would get my hands on it before the Easter break.


I did exactly the same thing, ordered a Controller from MediaHome, in January, and recently changed the order to a Duet package... not helped though, still no sign of delivery.

MediaHome's website is still saying first week in March ... yeah, but which year?

kidstypike :MAD:

2008-03-17, 08:05
Things are looking up - Ripcaster showing 'IN STOCK'!!


2008-03-17, 08:08
Still nothin' here in Switzerland...

No due date (Apart from the static 20 days)

2008-03-17, 08:10
Spoke to Ripcaster and the stock has defintely finally arrived!

Being sent out today and tomorrow morning with expected delivery of the day after.

Excellent news.


2008-03-17, 09:06
yes..... just ordered from ripcaster...... finally!!

2008-03-17, 09:49
Just had an email to confirm mine's been dispatched.



2008-03-17, 10:11
me too!

Very excited now

2008-03-18, 01:31
My duet arrived from Ripcaster 10minutes ago.
Unfortunately I'm at work and must wait till this evening to play with it !

2008-03-18, 03:47
Not had a despatch email yet so still waiting!

2008-03-18, 04:12
According to City Link, mine is on the delivery van. It is being delivered to my work address, so I should be able to have a look at it as soon as it arrives.

2008-03-18, 06:03
Ripcaster are now showing "out of stock".

2008-03-18, 06:45
just openened the package from Ripcaster (handily delivered during lunch)and first impressions are very favourable. The controller has a real quality feel, and the base station is reassuringly heavy. I just have to wait until this evening now to set it up at home and see how it performs.

To all you outside the USA who have been waiting patiently for this, I don't think you will be disappointed!


2008-03-18, 07:20
Spoke to ripcaster just now to see what had happened to my order.

Apparently they didn't receive the full allocation of stock yesterday and so weren't able to fulfil all of their pre-orders. I just missed the cut :-(

As it says on the site - they "hope" to get new stock by the end of the week. There goes my Easter present!

I'm sure it'll be worth the wait in the end.


2008-03-18, 08:01
Just got a cell call from Paul of themp3company and he's going to deliver my Duet tonight.

Pete J

Brian Ritchie
2008-03-18, 18:41
When I looked at Ripcaster at 9am on Tuesday and saw "In Stock", I decided to order. I hoped that they might have some spare after the pre-orders (I tried to call to check this, but only got an answerphone). By the time I checked later that morning, they were out of stock again :-( but were expecting more stock later this week :-)

I got an email in the evening saying that they didn't receive enough stock to "complete" my order, but they're expecting more stock next week. (This doesn't exactly say that one of that stock is earmarked as MineMineMine, but I'll be optimistic for now!)

Ah well, I didn't think it'd be easy to get hold of one yet, and had resigned myself to waiting. I suppose if I were really, really keen I could try to find another place that really has one spare right now, but I'm not that desperate (only single-really keen). I might revisit this decision if "next week" starts to slip.

-- Brian

2008-03-19, 04:59
Just got mine from Ripcaster...
*cough* Feel a cold coming on *cough*
Might have to leave work early ;)

2008-03-19, 05:22
Just got mine from Ripcaster...
*cough* Feel a cold coming on *cough*
Might have to leave work early ;)Damn, looks like I missed out on the pre-orders. I pre-ordered with the themp3company (only this week) and their initial batch has come and gone. Hopefully I'll be in the second batch - not likely to land before next week though :-(

2008-03-19, 12:32
yep, i've got an order with ripcaster and just missed out. mp3tunes have confirmed that they are sold out and short on their preorders too. so currently, up and down the uk, retailers are still taking preorders on preorders. how long it takes for the situation to improve remains to be seen. the next batch is expected next week but until it arrives, i'm sceptical.

boo hoo hoo, spilt milk etc etc

2008-03-19, 14:11
My duet, which was ordered & paid for in January, is finally being delivered tomorrow. I spoke to the people at advancedmp3players.co.uk yesterday regarding this order & they told me that they were expecting 40 units to be delivered today & that they had 22 advanced orders & the rest were for general sale. If you look on their website they are showing it as "in stock".
Hope this info helps.


2008-03-20, 06:45
Tried to order today, 15 minutes after the status chaged to "in-stock" on the online shops (Most swiss online dealers don't have a stock, they just get it delivered directly from the distrubitor)

Needles to say, They couldn't process my order because the 5 (Yes Five) that were delivered to the dirstributor were sold out in minutes ..


My point still being: Slimdevices refuses to talk about developments. Whips out a device at the CES and makes us wait 3 Months to get them ...

I will now try to order through the US (get it shipped to the US), if they can provide a warranty for Switzerland. (Which Logitech probably can't as they rely on distributors for warrantys...)

2008-03-20, 12:24
dabs.com have stock

2008-03-27, 02:49
Mediahome.co.uk have stock - ordered over weekend, received yesterday.

2008-04-01, 06:55
just got mine from ripcaster..... the 3rd delivery!
what can i say...... wow! took 3 minutes to setup (due to firmware upgrade)and i already had squeezecentre 7 and a sb3 running.
it was easy to setup and has played in perfect sync (local files) since i have turned it on. i now want another receiver for my kitchen and the audioengines i have connected sound great!
its what i've been waiting for!! cheers slimdevices!

ps. anybody point me in the direction of good remotes for my xda orbit 2 pda??

2008-04-01, 11:21
But no duet yet, and unanswered mail's I wonder if got caught in their spam filter ?

2008-04-01, 13:46
give them a ring. i ordered on the 15th march. didn't get the first batch or second but got it on the 3rd batch which came in this monday.
you won't be disappointed..... just make sure your music libary has the tags & art etc and its great.
early dys for me yet but so far, i'm impressed and discovering more and more.

Brian Ritchie
2008-04-01, 14:32
I ordered mine from Ripcaster on the 15th as well, and got it today. (Having received the email yesterday afternoon, I was allowed to work from home to wait for the parcel; thanks boss!) That hasn't felt like too long a wait, but then it's not my first Squeezebox (I remember how long *that* felt!)

Very easy to set up; the controller got hold of my SB3 very quickly. The receiver took a few minutes to get going, but was soon in action.

Controller is very slick and quite quick, but there are some things I miss from the IR remote (like a shuffle button and "play this next") and from the web interface (rearrange playlist, and not yet got plugins working). I have hopes that solutions to these will appear, and they're not showstoppers.

I'm tickled by the Flickr screensaver!

-- Brian

2008-04-02, 14:17
Got mine yesterday from Ripcaster too and loving it.

My first Squeezebox and (with SC already installed), I had the whole thing set up within 5 minutes.

Quicker to install than my AppleTV which is always touted as being great.

There are a couple of things which look like they aren't quite working but fairly minor and I'll play it with a bit more before posting problems here.

Even the wife says she can just about understand what it does now!!!


Brian Ritchie
2008-04-04, 17:53
[...] Controller is very slick and quite quick, but there are some things I miss from the IR remote (like a shuffle button and "play this next")

D'oh! Press and hold "+", as on what I now call the old remote.

2008-06-01, 11:05
Anyone found a Receiver only for sale in the UK yet?

2008-06-02, 09:50
Had a Squeezebox Controller on order with Ripcaster for over a month, but they've been telling me that Logitech still haven't shipped any stand-alone units. However, had this arrive in an e-mail from Jon at Ripcaster today:

"We have just had confirmation from Logitech that the individual Duet Receiver and Duet Controllers have been released from their European distribution centre today (finally). We expect to have the units at the end of the week..."

Their website (https://www.ripcaster.co.uk/node/282) now reads "[Delivery] Confirmed 6th June".

So I should have my controller in my hand early next week!

2008-06-02, 14:05
Yes - just recieved the same email for my Receiver.

Let's hope Logitech Europe stick to their promises for once.


2008-06-12, 07:31
That was clearly a bit optimistic. *SIGH*. I'm beginning to get resigned to the fact I'll be old and grey before it arrives.

2008-06-14, 23:40
I spoke to Ripcaster on Friday (13th) and they said the Recevier stock arrived that day, would be posted out Monday and be with us by Tuesday.

Good news but I've heard it before with my original Duet and it turned out there stil wasn't enough stock to satisfy demand.

If there is anyone from Slimdevices / Logitech US reading this, you really should put some pressure on your European subsidiary to sort out these kind of problems so that they don't happen again with your next release.

Do you really have to be tied into that distribution deal? They're not very good at satisfying your customers.


2008-06-24, 06:01
Two months to the day after ordering, I have a Squeezebox Controller in my hand. Can't wait to get it home. First impressions: awesome!