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2008-03-11, 21:02
After installing SC on P4 DC w/2 gb and 100Mb network I had no trouble loading CD's and playing the same via SoftSq from two PC's on the LAN. Both players showed in the control center.

I installed SoftSq on my laptop before leaving for work (2 weeks) and made sure the setup would play.

Now, I'm remote.

I've poked holes in the modem (-9000, and the player for both TCP and UDP) and have no problem contacting SC and selecting music and running SoftSq on the remote.

The selection shows, but I don't get any sound unless SoftSq is also running on the SC server.

Could someone tell me my conceptual error:

1. if I'm running SoftSq on the remote machine, I get a Firefox window showing the music should be playing and the corresponding SoftSq app on the desktop also shows the song that should be playing. No sound. No progression of mins:secs except when I use the Nokia 770 skin, the thermometer shows cycling just past 0:00.

2. when I start SoftSq on the other end (the server,) I get the pulldown showing localhost and the named player on both machines.

a. it seems like the remove SoftSq player's connecting on the remote should show the player and it's indicating the playing song ordered by the SC browser on the remote should result in the song playing remotely. (I have the AUDIO of the player set to retarded just to make sure everything is working correctly.. I can't expect Apple lossless to work over the internet.)

b. when I run SoftSq on the SC server, I get both localhost and the player's name on the remote SoftSq browser window but I only get sound (yes I know about volume controls) when I select the localhost player. It seems like selecting a player should act like pressing the "device" button on a remote control: select localhost player to play/control that device and select the remote device to play/control that device.

The remote PC is Vista (up to date.) The server is XP Pro (up to date.)

A picture is worth a bunch of words when it comes to SoftSq... Please help


2008-03-11, 22:25
Aren't Crayons employees of Cray Inc?

Mark Lanctot
2008-03-13, 10:04
Are you transcoding to MP3?

If so, you must have LAME installed and you must enable bitrate limiting.

P.S. What does the subject line have to do with the problem?

2008-03-13, 11:45
In addition to port 9000, you need to forward port 3483 in your router settings. Without both of these ports forwarded from your router to the slimserver, softsqueeze won't work.

With only port 9000 forwarded, you can only play the stream.mp3 stream.