View Full Version : Tips for fixing sync problems with softsqueeze?

2008-03-11, 20:43
Hi there,
I've been running SC7 nightlies for a while, and today installed the recent 7.0 release on a windows machine. The mentions of better sync have me optimistic that I can get it working this time around. It's never been listenable for me through various 6.x versions of Slimserver and 2.x and 3.x of softsqueeze.

Could someone please outline an approach to tweaking sync settings to get two softsqueeze players (both 3.6 now) lined up? Or just tell me it can't be done to save me some time... :-)

I have various windows and linux machines around the house. Tonight I was working with one windows client, colocated with the slimcenter 7.0, and one linux client in the other room.

I don't have any stuttering issues, one client just drops behind. If I'm viewing the windows client interface in SC and tell it to sync with the linux client, then the windows client lags. If I'm viewing the linux client and tell it to sync with the windows client, then the linux client lags.

I've been able to change the lag in different ways with the settings below, but never in a way that seemed consistent or gave me any confidence that I knew what I was doing. At one point I changed the player audio delay to 10000ms and 'applied' but the lag remained ~300ms.

Maintain Synchronization - should one or both clients be 'maintaining sync'?
Player Start Delay - do these really take effect with a few seconds of clicking 'Apply'?
Player audio delay - As above
Minimum adjustment - 30ms was the default, am I tempting fate to change this?
Network latency - Default was 2ms but I may have noticed a positive change with it set to 0ms. Or dinner didn't agree with me, not sure which. :-)

I've been assuming that the special sync testing versions of softsqueeze (~"...7.0a.zip") from last year in the wiki are not needed now that I've got 3.6. Is that true?

Any tips/thoughts/advice appreciated.