View Full Version : SB 3 Wireless Problems

2008-03-11, 02:49
I have had a Squeezebox v3 for a year or so, connected wirelessly with no problems.

Just this morning, I discovered that the wireless signal strength had suddenly dropped to 41% and I was getting a test throughput of less than 50% at 128kbps. Plainly no good.

I tried all the obvious things: netstumbler showed no change in local interfering networks, I tried changing the channel, resetting my router to factory defaults: no good.

Finally in desperation I reset my Squeezebox to factory defaults. Bingo - it's working again.

But what went wrong? The day before yesterday I upgraded to SC 7 and my firmware went from 81 (I think, or thereabouts) to 86. Is that a coincidence or is there possibly some wireless issues in the new firmware? I'm using WPA, if that is relevant.

Any ideas?

2008-03-11, 08:49
Firmware 86 did have some wireless changes. But it was some fixes to the WPA encryption which should not cause signal strength problems.

2008-03-11, 10:14
Maybe my diagnosis was wrong.

I certainly got bad results from Network Test and the SB3 interface was going really really slow. But maybe these were both caused by the bug referred to in the " SqueezeCenter 7.0 extremely slow" thread.

After the reset the signal strength is sometimes still as low as 41% - so maybe it has always done that. So maybe the bad Network Test results were just because the SC was clogging up...

Anyway, I've named the player and have my fingers crossed. No problems so far.