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2008-03-10, 06:32
Hi, see the screendump. I have some top 40 songs and there are 4 albums showing in the list, but all the songs are on 1 album. I double checked the ID-tag info and all the files have the same album tag and there's only one folder.jpg in that folder. There's no album art inside the mp3 file itself. Rescanned the folders, deleted the cache... very strange. Somebody any idea?

2008-03-10, 08:58
Its a dead cert that you have some inconsistent tagging within the album - even if you have looked with a tagger and they seem to be all the same. If these are mp3's - you probably have ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags, use mp3tag to delete the v1's.


2008-03-10, 09:08
Check Disc Number , if some are disc 1, 2, 3 etc they are often seen as different albums

2008-03-10, 11:08
use mp3tag to delete the v1's.

How do I do that within MP3TAG ?

2008-03-10, 13:50