View Full Version : Wireless bridge "the other way around"

2008-03-09, 22:40
My Squeezebox is connected to an iMac running SqueezeCenter through a
ethernet-over-power adapter. I would like to control the Squeezebox with
my laptop via wi-fi. Is there a way to configure the Squeezebox as a bridge in this way?

2008-03-10, 04:30
You don't need to use the bridging function for this.

All control is done though SqueezeCenter, just open a web browser and point it to http://<imac-ip-address>:9000/ and you will get the web interface from your iMac.

2008-03-10, 21:38
Maybe I was not clear enough... I want to use a wi-fi enabled laptop to connect to the Squeezebox wi-fi antenna. I have a wi-fi router in the bedroom but the laptop does not pick up the signal in the living room. I know that the Squeezebox has this bridging capability, so it would be nice to use it.


2008-03-11, 06:37
Ah, OK. My mistake, i misunderstood what you were asking :)

The Squeezebox doesn't have the software required to run as an access point I'm afraid.

2008-03-11, 12:38
Why wouldn't this work in ad hoc mode?

2008-03-11, 15:25
>>Why wouldn't this work in ad hoc mode?

Because, I think, the Squeezebox isn't broadcasting a wireless signal. It's not an access point, just a bridge. My understanding is that the wireless bridge only allows cabled devices to hook on to a wireless network (i.e. the Squeezebox is receiving wirelessly, then pushing out via the cable port).

2008-03-11, 17:10
Why wouldn't this work in ad hoc mode?
because it doesn't have the software to allow devices to connect to it and then relay the data over the network. Which is just another way of saying it doesn't have the software to be an AP :)