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2008-03-09, 18:01
Hi. We received our SB Duet on Thursday, and so far I have to say we're very happy with it. I saw the Duet at CES and put in an order for it as soon as I could; it solves the problem my wife had with our Squeezebox, which is that it was hard to read the display and hard to find the music to play with it.

So now I've had a few days to play with it, I'd like to report some small problems I had. These problems went away when I reset the controller by removing and reinstalling the battery.

1) The audible click from the UI as we move the menu with the scroll wheel stopped working. The Settings->Advanced->Sound Effects options are all enabled and the volume is turned up, but I heard nothing. This was working fine, then all of a sudden it stopped.

2) The Status bar at the bottom showed a Red WiFi icon, which according to the manual means the network is out of range or disconnected. That shouldn't be the case as the controller is well within range of our Access Point. Also there are no problems with the controller controlling the receiver - we can still play music with it just fine. If I try to reconnect to the network with Settings->Advanced->Wireless Network, the controller just sits in a "Finding Networks" loop until I hit the Back button.

3) Our controller and receiver are both connected to the Squeeze Network. The Time Zone on our account is set to Pacific Time. But the contoller's time was off by one hour; the clocks went forward last night but the new time wasn't shown on the controller. (I guess this could be an effect of #2 above).

2008-03-09, 18:10
FWIW, I've seen some of these problems too. No need to remove the battery though: Keep the home button depressed for a few seconds and the remote will shut off. Once you power it on again, everything is working fine again...