View Full Version : i don't see much discussion on SC 7.0

2008-03-09, 13:53
I have been gone for a while, and I have never done much customizing with SS. I got my SB set up and hace left it alone.

I now see mention of SC 7.0, but after searching have found very little discussion about it. A few folks having trouble with it running very slow, but not much else. Are there discussions I am missing? Is it old news by now? If I am happy with SS, should I bother with SC?

Am I not looking in the right place for the information on SC?

Thanks for any help.

2008-03-09, 14:00
See the beta forum. SC7 has been in development for a year, available
in nightly builds that whole time. You'll find lots of discussion,
but the SC name change was fairly recent. Nonetheless, it all came
from a continuous development process.