View Full Version : how to set a 2 digit ip on duet - connect to a readynas slimserver

2008-03-09, 13:03
I just got the duet in the mail the other day
I was able to set it up to play pandora and radioparadise (internet radio) (not with without some trouble, but that's another story)

I also have a netgear readynas nv+ with all my music mp3 files
The nas is running slimserver
The nas' firmware is the latest 4.0.1

I am assuming running slimserver is how one can get the squeezebox controller / receiver ) to see the files without using a pc running squeezecenter

When try to enter the ip of the slimserver on the controller
Settings-Music Source-Other Server
The ui displays 4 sets of three zeros, delimited by periods
The problem is that the third set is only 2 digits long on my trednnet tew-633gr router
I didn't see a way to only enter 2 digits and a period on the controller

A- Is this the proper way to see the music on the nas?
B- Do I have to reconfigure my router to have a three digit ip
(ie -the 100 instead of the current ...10.1
C- I think I could run an itunes library type of server fromt the nas too

Any help would be greatly appreciated



2008-03-09, 13:06
you can enter

2008-03-09, 13:14
thank you
i got the ip in there, but it doesnt seem to connect as a music source
browse entry
click center button on controller and/or play button

does it need to have a port specified ie :9000? or am i going about this the wrong way (connecting to a slimserver)

will do some more searching

2008-03-09, 13:20
Sorry, I'm not sure, as I don't have a Duet, but I'm sure someone else will help shortly.

2008-03-09, 13:22
The SBC requires SC7.0, so Slimserver 6.5 won't work.

You'll either have to get SC7 from Infrant (which I don't think they have yet) or use SC on the PC.

2008-03-09, 13:23
You mentioned slimserver, which leads me to believe you're running version 6. The duet requires version 7 (renamed as SqueezeCenter).