View Full Version : Remote Control Command Conflict

2008-03-09, 10:45
Hi, my Lite-On DVD Recorder's rewind command turns on my SB2. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Also, the DVD recorder's rewind command turns on SB2 with something other than the 'toggle power' command because pressing rewind again does not turn off the SB2. TIA, EB

2008-03-09, 13:26
In the player settings (on the web interface) there is a remote section. Try turning off the "jvc_dvd" set.

2008-03-10, 16:57
I noticed the button set was set to custom. I think I did this for a fast forward/reverse function that never worked well. I set it back to standard and now problem is fixed. JVC was already unchecked. Thanks for pointing me to the remote's html page.