View Full Version : Any new info on internet radio?

2004-02-12, 20:32
I just got a squeezebox yesterday and it really is
great. But internet radio just does not work. I've
searched through the digests and there doesn't seem to
be a solution. I also d/l and installed the feb 12th
dated nightly build with no change. What happens is
it starts playing and will play fine for a few seconds
then start skipping like a dirty or scratched cd
sounds. Running on a cable modem with a wired
connection. The channels I've tried all stream fine
to winamp and itunes but don't to the box.

I've enabled the Show Buffer Fullness and it fills
about 3/4th the way up, plays in its skipping and
stuttering ways until the meter is empty. Then it
stops completely and refills about halfway up.

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