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2008-03-08, 16:04
Hello, could someone please explain why most of my local radio stations won't play w/ radiotime anymore?? Worked just fine on slim 6.54, but with squeeze 7.0 i just get the 'not supported' attatched to every local station I want to play. I have the Duet w/ windows xp. Could somebody try and figure out how can i play my very favorite station, which is 103.3 Portland, Or (adult contemporary)?? Softsqueeze, and Squeezenetwork don't work either. Please help!!

2008-03-08, 20:25
Same here. Very disappointed right now. I have a high-power line within 500 feet of my house and it's between the transmitters and our house. AM radio was impossible so streaming was the way we got certain stations. Now, poof! Gone.


2008-03-11, 07:02
If I'm correct it's because the streams use a format not supported by the squeezebox.
I'm not sure but I remember seeing some using the realaudio streaming protocol and (correct me if I'm wrong) that's not implemented in the squeezebox.

I wonder if it's possible for squeezecenter to NOT show these unsupported streams?

2008-03-11, 07:05
i think if you install alien BBC you will be able to stream the real audio stations.

2008-03-23, 15:49
Local stations will work again, it was a problem we fixed last week with a user agent filtering. Sorry for the hassle, Bill RadioTime