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Alex Lemon
2004-02-12, 17:31
The Canadian retailer www.kawarthatv.com still has a small quantity of the original SLIMP3 units left.
$259.99 CDN dollars



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Brand new SLIMP3s are not quite sold out - we have a couple left so if
you need one let us know.

Next week we will sell some refurbs, and then that's the last of them.
The refurbs are like-new, usually with new cases and remotes, and will
have the full 1-yr warranty.

We also have a bunch of the SLIMP3 remotes left - same as Squeezebox
remotes but without the soft-touch paint.

Will have a new order form and pricing next week. Thanks,


On Feb 11, 2004, at 3:54 PM, Todd Fields wrote:

> --- Karl <slim (AT) addrison (DOT) co.uk> wrote:
>> It says sold out on the web !
> Somehow I missed it.
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