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2008-03-08, 07:55
Not sure if this is the best place for this thread but I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents on what I'd like to see enhanced on the Duet.

1) I find the scroll wheel to be a bit slow in initial response. I'm not fond of having to make about a 1/4 turn to start moving. Then I think it's a bit over sensitive when it does move because I seem to always select the next or previous item. What I'd like to have is user customizable factors for movement (e.g. how fast initial response is & how fast acceleration starts and increases).

2) Pulling from another thread it would be nice to have added RW/FF functionality where after you hold RW or FF you could use the wheel to seek through the song.

3) I've been adding albums to my favorites list & it would be nice to be able to hold the + button to add the highlighted item to my favorites list. Now you have to select the album and scroll to Add to Favorites.

2008-03-08, 12:09
Hi Folks;
Great job with the Duet. Mine installed in minutes last night and appears to work just fine.

One note about the Duet controller. I'm a big SqueezeNetwork user. It sure would be nice to have the "switch to SN" option at the TOP level of the menu, rather than buried in "settings". Same for the switch back to SC.

Another menu general note: "Favorites", presumably the items most often played, seems like a candidate for the top of the top menu.

But those are quibbles. This thing is slick.


2008-03-08, 13:01
Why are you switching to SqueezeNetwork?

Can't you access the services you want from the main SB Controller page under "Internet Radio" and "Music Services"? Do you just want to turn your computer off and not run SqueezeCenter?


2008-03-08, 22:20
Yes--more often than not, I leave the computer/SC off and use SN only.

Aside from that, it just seems to me that one of the fundamental questions a user has in mind when taking the Duet controller in hand is: music from local server, or music from network (NAS, web, wherever). Such a fundamental question should be answerable at a top level, imho.

Better still--as I can do with my SC3s, let me configure the controller menus myself.