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Mitch Harding
2008-03-07, 09:43
I currently don't have any album art for my music, so when I am
looking at lists of music on the SBC, each song has the large music
note icon to the left of it (where I assume the album art would
ordinarily be). Is there any way to have the SBC not display that
graphic (i.e. disable album art on the SBC), so that it can display
more songs on a given screen. I do a lot of scrolling within my Now
Playing list, and it would be cool if I could see more songs at once.

I'm guessing this is another enhancement request, but I didn't want to
open it if there was some way to do this that I was missing. Thanks!


2008-03-07, 10:02
it's an open issue


Mitch Harding
2008-03-07, 10:10
Ah, excellent. Thanks! I've voted for this bug and added my two cents.

It seems all of my pet peeves so far had already been documented. A
good sign that they may be fixed/enhanced, I hope. :)

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> it's an open issue
> http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=5376
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