View Full Version : Fast Forward Not Working in 7.0 for .WAV

2008-03-07, 07:41
I was running a previous version of Slimserver. Fast Forward and Rewind worked just fine for .WAV files.

I upgraded to 7.0 on my XP Professional laptop and now these features do not work for .WAV files. The unit does not respond when holding down the FWD or REW keys when it is playing a .WAV. I tested it with an MP3 and it appears to work.

Anyone know what's happening here?

I tend to listen to uncompressed and lossless compressed music. It will be a real drag to not be able to FF around these tracks, especially when it was working in a previous version. I listen almost exclusively to dj mixes that are hours long and i like to start them in the middle. Now i'm forced to listen from the beginning always. This will totally kill the user experience for me.

HOPEFULLY this is just a bug and not a deliberate removal of functionality. Please advise. Thank you.

2008-03-07, 08:22
In Settings>Advanced>File Types under WAV, you can disable the FLAC Stream Format, which should allow FF.

2008-03-07, 13:22
Thank you. It worked. What exactly did this change do?

2008-03-07, 13:34
Basically, Fast Forward does not work on files transcoded from one format to another, such as wav to flac.

Why would one want to transcode wav to falc, then. Flac files are smaller, and not likely to choke up a wireless network, which wav files might. mp3 files are smaller still, but flac is a lossless format, so has advantages over mp3 if one's ear is not too poor.

2008-03-07, 13:38
Ok, now I understand. The slim software was converting the .wave to .flac before sending it over the network to the device to save bandwidth. Thanks for the info.