View Full Version : Slim Devices you outdid yourselves

Schwartz Avi
2004-02-11, 19:15
Being a Slimp3 user for a year now I decided to purchase a wireless
SqueezeBox. Amazingly enough I purchased both exactly a year apart --
2/7/03 and 2/8/04. Setting up the SB was amazingly simple. The
hardest part for me was to find where is the MAC address hidden since I
am filtering access to my wireless router by MAC address (hint: it is
on the bottom of the SqueezeBox). And the fact that I didn't have to
go through the hoops of upgrading the firmware on the device as I have
to do on the Slimp3 is great. 5 minutes later it was up and running,
with updated firmware.

Now I am waiting for my new Edirol MA20D to come in (tomorrow) and I'll
be all set.

Great product!