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2008-03-06, 02:12
I'm having serious issues getting my Squeezebox (firmware 86) to connect to SqueezeCenter (V7.01).

Both my PC and the SB are on my wireless network. The problem isn't with my wireles connection - I can stream internet radio all day without a problem.

I don't think it's a fundamental network issue as occasionally the SB will make brief contact with SC and I can select tracks and play music. But the SB goes blank after a minute or two and won't reconnect. I try restarting SC, power cycling the SB but nothing.

I've used netstat and tcpview on the PC and can't see anything that's hogging SC ports. When it is connected, tcpview shows the connections as you would expect, then they mysteriously drop.

Disabling the Windows firewall has no effect. I have no other firewall enabled, either on the PC (I uninstalled MacAfee in case it was causing a problem even when disabled) or on the router.

Any help much appreciated....have trawled the forums without any success.



Phil Leigh
2008-03-06, 02:21
Fraser - am I right in assuming that you have a wireless SB talking to a router and a wireless PC (with SC on it) talking to the router?

IS it possible for you to temporarily try wiring either the PC or the SB (or preferably both) to the router?
That would tie the problem down to a wi-fi issue.
What format are your files? lossy or lossless.
Streaming Internet radio isn't really an indication of how well SB/SC will work in most cases.

2008-03-06, 06:01
Phil, yes they are both on wireless. I can try the SB on wired, but not the PC. I can get a crossover cable and try the SB directly into the PC though. Files are lossy.

I mentioned that streaming was OK because that would give an indication that the fundamental wireless stuff is working OK.



2008-03-06, 13:47
Have you tried a simple ping or tracert from the PC to the SB?

In situations where two wireless devices won't talk to each other but otherwise talk to the internet successfully I tend to first think that the wireless AP has an isolation feature turned on. Various manufacturers call it different terms but essentially it stops one wireless device seeing any other wireless device attached to the AP. It is supposed to be a form of security. There is usually an option to turn it off.

If this is the case then quite why it occaisionally works for a short period I'm not sure.

Trying with one of the connections hard wired would help isolate the problem. I also recall another poster with a similar problem recently so I'd suggest a forum search as I remember he solved the problem.

2008-03-06, 15:48
I'm having serious issues getting my Squeezebox (firmware 86) to connect to SqueezeCenter (V7.01).



Have you tried enabling specific ports for Windows firewall or Norton?



2008-03-06, 19:31
When the two devices are able to connect, try running the network test, and enable the network diagnostics which show buffer fullness, signal strength and so on, at least at the SB end. This sounds suspiciously like signal interference or strength issues, which I suffered initially with my SB until I switched wireless channels on the router from the default to something at least 3 channels away. Slimserver was wired in my case however, but I had similar symptoms to you. You haven't mentioned if this is a new setup, or have you recently upgraded from Slimserver?

2008-03-07, 02:01
Thanks for all the suggestions guys - much appreciated. Here's an update...

I can't see any option in the AP for an isolation feature - that was one thought I had a couple of days ago. As you say, that wouldn't explain why it does work for brief periods.

No, tracert and ping don't work from PC to SB, but then I've never tried it when I get brief connectivity.

I've monitored signal strength on the SB and it stays about 80% continuously (I had previously replaced the antenna on the AP as I was having signal strength issues and doing so made a big difference).

Have played about with channels too...doesn't seem to make any difference. There are a couple of other networks in the area though, so I will double check what channels they are on and set mine appropriately.

And finally, I hard-wired the SB to the PC and it works perfectly! Fortunately I can run that cable permanently so I will go with this solution for the moment.

I'll spend a little bit more time on it, but then I'll use the SB for what it was meant for, enjoying music, and stop playing at being a network engineer...



2008-03-07, 09:17
I have just the same problem with my SB failing to connect to SC7 for more than a few seconds or perhaps an hour at the most. SB can't connect to SC, display goes blank & SB won't work at all.
Unable to run cabled (2 floors away). Signal strength OK. Can't ping. I've tried deleting & reinstalling SC but no joy. I have a new router but I believe it worked before with it. Can't see anything in router setup that's causing the connection to drop. Have had problem for 2 weeks now. Would going back to SN6 fix it? Don't want to do this as I like the Save Playlist from SB feature in SC7 but I have a sys that's unusable at the moment. Any ideas pls?