View Full Version : SC7 includes my itunes library even though I don't want it to!

Pinball Wizard
2008-03-05, 16:27
OK, I installed SC7 today and am mostly happy with it, but I can't get it to ignore my itunes music library! In settings the "use itunes" box is unchecked and my music and playlist library is completely separate from my itunes library. Why then does all my itunes music show up on my SB3? FYI all my itunes music is organized by itunes and resides entirely in the itunes music folder. My SB3 library resides in a completely different folder with no overlap. So what's the deal? Am I missing something?

2008-03-06, 22:57
I seem to be running into something similar. I wanted to clean up some files and recreate a new music folder, so I changed the folder location and went to "clear library and rescan everything" but SC defaults back to "look for new and changed music". After the scan is complete my library is still showing the same files that I previously had. Is this user error or a bug?


2008-03-07, 02:47
Have you tried to uninstall the Squeezcenter. Then reinstall it, and uncheck the iTunes (it will check it by default if you have it on your computer) during the setup .. ?

2008-03-07, 05:43
If you've got a link to your iTunes music folder in the folder that SC is scanning, that would result in what you're seeing.

Pinball Wizard
2008-03-07, 08:56
After my fourth time rescanning, it seemed to get things right. Why it took four scans I don't know. My iTunes and SB3 libraries are in separate folders and there's no shortcut or link to the other in either of them. In any event, things are working now.

But now I need to try to figure out how to deal with soundtracks and compilations. Setting SC7 to "group compilations together" doesn't seem to be working, so maybe there's something else I need to be doing...

2008-03-10, 10:01
I have had the same problem (only 2 re-scans so far) with my iTunes library showing up uninvited. Anyone found a definitive cause and solution?