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2008-03-05, 15:36
Which is the prefered SoftSqueeze version to use with SC 7? The one that is
comes with it or the one on Freshmeat, or are they the same version?


2008-03-05, 17:25
Don\'t know about the Freshmeat one, but the one that is included on SC 7 is great, I use that one.

2008-03-05, 21:26
How do I access the built-in one? I download the 3.5 version from sourceforge, and after a few installation woes, it runs, but doesn't play. All songs remain in the paused state.


2008-03-06, 01:18
On the SC 7 Main Web page, on the left pane, choose the Extras option, then on the options that come up, choose Softsqueeze and then Click to install and run SoftSqueeze.

The 3.5 version from sourceforge needs updating I think, I could not get it to work either with SC 7 some weeks ago.

2008-03-07, 22:48
It also took a reboot (of vista), but now I'm good.


2008-03-08, 05:11
I've just updated my XP Pro server to SC.

The standalone SoftSqueeze works but the applet won't run. I just get a new window with the orange Java logo. Message varies between done, inited (presumably a typo) & loaded but applet doesn't load. Same result with IE7 locally & Firefox across the network.

Had no problems with SlimServer 6.5.4.

2008-03-08, 12:53
It also took a reboot (of vista), but now I'm good.


Damm, not working again today. No activity on the right side of the transporter skin, and no audio from softSqueeze.

2008-03-08, 13:44
I thought the same but it did actually come up for me. However, I haven't tested out quite why yet.

Once I got the orange Java panel I thing clicked and double clicked the panel. About a couple of minutes later the softsqueeze display does come up. On my machine though it is a very flaky connection the display keeps saying problem and then going back to Now Playing. Looking at the Java console shows it has lost contact with the SC. I can't get it to do anything.

Pressing play on something in the web SC display for the player has it start working properly. I now have full control from the applet.

2008-03-10, 11:52
I've also had problems with Softsqueeze 3.4 after my SC 7.0 upgrade. It always works perfectly when playing from my music folder (flacs or mp3s), but is intermittent when playing internet radio favorites (any station). The station connects, buffers, the VU meter starts dancing up and down but no audio...Sometimes it kicks in several minutes later, generally not. Or it might work as usual for a day or two, then the audio will vanish mysteriously, and just as mysteriously return... It's hit and miss - yesterday it was working on my office pc, today only one brief period of audible internet radio, but flacs are streaming perfectly. Not PC specific, I have the same problem at home and work (same versions of xp, sc, and softsqueeze on both boxes). My Squeezebox will always play stations when softsqueeze drops out, so not an SN problem I think...Most peculiar...