View Full Version : SC 7 - fresh install and config/coding question

2008-03-05, 15:06
I just started with the SS version and un-installed it.

New version looks good... It sees network shares.

1. I've been using itunes to load (what could be easier: insert drive, wait for eject)
2. The songs are on Teraserver. The itunes is running on xp-pro.

Q1. During the setup, I pointed to the songs folder on the NAS and the itunes folder and told SC both locations, telling the setup to use itunes ... is this redundant? How do I fix it if it is?

Q2. I tried to stream to winamp on another "local" machine and since I've coded everything to Apple lossless, I guess I need LAME or an add-on for winamp (I can see the packets coming down in winamp, but no sound...)

Thanks for your help and attention.