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Roderick Manzie
2004-02-11, 13:44
I have the same problem with my Squeezebox - won't recognise DHCP from a
Netgear router.

I configured a hardwired address, but I would like it to use DHCP. All my
other devices work with the DHCP service running on the Netgear device


Roderick Manzie

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From: Shah, Milan BGI UK [mailto:Milan.Shah (AT) barclaysglobal (DOT) com]
Sent: 11 February 2004 16:06
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Subject: [slim] DHCP set-up errors

thanks for the inof on the search facility ;-)

Back to DHCP:
I currently have it running on a static address, ( ip address, gateway and
server address all manually input). That works fine. So, that how it's been
working, and it works fine. However I want it to work on DHCP, or more I
want to know why it won't work on DHCP.

>You may want to check the actual physical connection to be sure it's solid.
>Then check your router settings. Some routers can be configured to hand
>IP addresses only to specific MAC addresses...or perhaps you're router is
>only configured to hand out two IP addresses (you can limit the number as

The connection is solid. I've also checked my router and interestingly it
has two bits of information:
- on the "learned MAC Table" , it lists both my PCs and the SQbox
- On the "Status page" it states only 2 connections, i.e. only the 2 PCs.
- ( I cant manually add to either bits of information)

So, it's perplexing why the Sqbox won't use DHCP.

With the auto-generates, I was hoping to fudge it, so the Sqbox would be on
the right subnet.

Any other suggestions are welcome ?

Milan Shah

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From: dean blackketter [mailto:dean (AT) slimdevices (DOT) com]
Sent: 10 February 2004 16:19
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Subject: [slim] DHCP set-up errors

Hi Milan,

On Feb 10, 2004, at 2:08 AM, Shah, Milan BGI UK wrote:
> I really admire the Sqbox. It's fantastic, and being a non-technical
> user, find access to the forums handy. The only problem is that the
> forums are not searchable for full content. I fear I may be repeating
> this query or even this gripe about the format of the forums.
You can search and browse the archives here:


> My issue is as follows: I have conexant-chip adsl/router that also
> acts as a DHCP server. I have 2 pcs on the network, both of which pick
> up an automatic ip allocated from the DHCP server on the subnet
> The SQbox does not. When it does not, it then allocates an ip address
> beginning with 169..... and a subnet
> 1) Why is the SQbox not picking up DHCP ?
I'm not sure. Can you give it a static IP address (same first three
numbers as one of the PCs and then a unique last number). Let us know
if that works, at least.

> 2) When it does not, why the 169.... address range in the
> subnet ?
That's an auto-assigned IP address, so that devices can assign their
own address in the absence of an IP address. Gory details here: