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Jason Holtzapple
2004-02-11, 11:14
--- Wayne Mery <vseerror (AT) lehigh (DOT) edu> wrote:
> On 2/11/2004 11:54 AM, Pat Farrell wrote:
> >.
> > Three, since it is lossless, I can change my mind later Things like
> > uncompressing them and then making an MP3 version for a MP3 walkman.
> > Of even making a red book CD for my truck's CD player.
> What might one use to make MP3 tracks from Flac?
> Would one have to fiddle with ID tags, or will they move automatically
> to the MP3?

The tags won't move automatically unless you have a program that
will do that for you. I think dbpoweramp and foobar2000 can maintain
tags when transcoding files.


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