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David Cullen
2004-02-11, 10:15

thanks for the advice re ripping and encoding seperately. Think I'm probably
going to go the FLAC route. I've got plenty of HD space and as you say (even
here in the UK) HD costs are not high.

My two slimp3 units will eventually be destined for the master bedroom and
the dining room, both running into Aego2 active speaker packages. One is in
the living room at the moment but the plan is to upgrade the amp/speaker
package (although not quite to your giddy heights!) in there and get a

I use FLAC. For a couple of reasons, YMMV, etc. I use my Squeezebox
to my serious stereo. $2000 amps, $4000 speakers, $200 interconnects, etc.
(I even plan to get an outboard DAC if I get tired of the quality of the
internal, but so far, it is fine).

Second, disks are cheap. My whole collection fit on 300 GB of disks.
Since I bought a 200GB disk new for $105, the cost "savings" for a higher
compression system translates into trivial savings in hardware.

Three, since it is lossless, I can change my mind later Things like
uncompressing them and then making an MP3 version for a MP3 walkman.
Of even making a red book CD for my truck's CD player.

Fourth, I don't have to make any quality versus size decisions.
There are audible differences, especially on a serious stereo, between
different compression ratios (rates, encodings) with MP3. Because of #2,
I decided I didn't want to make those engineering decisions.

I used FLACFrontEnd (free) to compress and tag the .wav files into flac on
Windows workstation. (the slimserver is a linux box)
It has a decent add on, "tag.exe" that adds the proper "ogg" tags
(the Ogg/Flac equivalent of ID3 tags).

This process takes a long time. Took maybe a week of working at it
while I read my email, surfed the web, etc. I found that the most time
approach was to do all the CD extraction separately from the compression.
So I'd extract with CDex during the day, and then tell FLACfrontend to
compress and tag all night. It usually was done when I got up.

All my attempts to extract and compress at the same time
ended up taking longer. The two tasks seem to interfere with each other,
so running them together took much, much longer than running on, and then
running the other.