View Full Version : SC7 and Mac

2008-03-04, 16:21
I am playing around with SC7 at present (on my laptop, using SoftSqueeze, so that I can stay with my working 6.5 on my desktop and Squeezebox) as an upgrade from 6.5.

Using a PowerBook G4 running OS 10.4.11.

It seems that, although I have the preferences set for SC to start when I login, it does not do so.

A check of my login items shows that there does not seem to be a relevant login item (but Slim Launcher, which is now non-existent after the upgrade, still appears in the list).

Manually putting SqueezeCenter into the login items seems to be working, though I want to try several logouts and logins before I feel sure.

Doing this manually isn't the easiest thing in the world, as if one attempts to add something into the login items it is not possible to go past the preference pane itself.

What I did was Show Package Contents of the preference pane, go to the server subfolder, find the item SqueezeCenter in this and make an alias of it. I moved the alias to the desktop (so that the preference pane was as it started) and added this alias to the login items. I am going to see later if it is safe to remove the alias. It may well be, as the login items show SqueezeCenter and not Squeezecenter alias.

But this does suggest an issue with the installer, as all this should not be necessary (and also the no longer relevant Slim Launcher should have been deleted).