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David Cullen
2004-02-11, 07:47
RE: [slim] Newbie questionsThanks Tom - info (and web-info) much

Got FLAC downloaded but must do some work!!
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I used EAC directly to FLAC. It is identical to setting up LAME. You
just select "Other Codec" in the settings and point to where the FLAC.exe
file is located.

You can get the codec at http://flac.sourceforge.net/ plus links to other
software that supports FLAC.

Settings for using alternative codecs in EAC can be found at

EAC doesn't make the files any more compact, its true benefit is it error
detection and correction. The reason it is slower then other encoders is
that it reads the same data in several passes and compares it until it get a
consistent result.

If you are also interested, the program I used to batch convert FLAC to
LAME, dbPowerAmp, can also rip from CD to FLAC. It worked well in a few
trials that I did. If you are not willing to wait for EAC I think it is a
good substitute. Even with its AccurateRip feature turned on , which I
would recommend, it was about twice as fast as EAC.