View Full Version : Album display hangs in slimserver6.5

2008-03-04, 06:39

After increasing my library size to >200 albums (all with ~70kB jpeg album art) I can no longer view all albums using Slimserver. The web interface just hangs. I can still view portions by going to "year" or "genre". Has anyone experienced a similar problem?

2008-03-05, 03:57
i thought at first that mine hung too. but i just had to wait about 1-2 mins for the albums to show. i run a severly resource-starved machine which is terribly slow.

are you sure it hangs completely or are you just impatient? (the joys of broadband internet surfing! remember the days when it was normal for a page to take a minute to load? ;-)

i tried a couple of things with reasonable success to improve speed:

1. excepted *all* slimserver directories from my virus scanner. this alone improved overall responsiveness by about ~30-40% (acutally measured with a stopwatch)
2. turned of "show artists with albums" (or something like that). that also GREATLY improved responsiveness.
those two reduced the average loading time from ~90 sec. to ~35 sec.

3. finally, i upgraded to SC7 (feb. 18. build if i remember correctly). so far, it works like a charm AND is faster yet again. opening an arbitrary album browse pages takes about 20-25 sec. now. (still long, i know. but my server just doesnt have enough processing power)