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2004-02-11, 05:55
Tom, what did you do regarding id3tags with your flac files?

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I just completed re-ripping my entire collection of CDs to FLAC using EAC.
It worked very well, all be it a little slow and tedious. I decided to use
FLAC mostly for future versatility rather then sound quality. I just never
wanted to have to re-rip and tag almost 800 cds again. My final solution
was to rip with EAC to get a quality extraction to FLAC with no loss. I
moved these to an external hard drive and then used dbPowerAmp to batch
convert them all to 256kps LAME MP3s on my SlimServer. I then unplugged the
external hard drive and put it in my fire-safe box for safe keeping.

I now have quality and use of 256kps LAME MP3s on my server, and the
lossless FLAC files stashed away to be converted to whatever codec might
come along in the future or to replace the MP3s if something horrible
happens to my server.

If you have any questions on any of the specific settings or tools that I
used, feel free to ask.


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What are people's thoughts on using EAC with FLAC? I see Mareo works to
automatically integrate the two? Any experience on using this?

Apologies for this getting off slim focused questions and on to more general
format ones. If I'm better posting these elsewhere please advise.