View Full Version : Computer hang or Slimserver stops

2008-03-03, 07:37

2 very weird scenarios:

1. Not SlimServer related but maybe someone solved this before. Computer hangs when accessing 3 FLAC files (Computer hates Alanis :) ). ChkDsk found nothing. It is an XP Pro machine. It hangs even if I try to copy them. to override this I renamed them to a different extension so that SlimServer won't accidentally access them. Any idea what could go wrong? system logs shows nothing. as if there is a power outage when I access those files.

2. 2am daily, music stops on all 4 SB3s. very annoying as baby kid used to sleep with classical music. It is like a daily alarm. baby cries at 2:01am, I wake up, go restart music and back to bed... no alarm or scheduled activity I could find on server, nor rescan. all these happens between 8-9am. must get some help on this as baby refuse to sleep without classical music.