View Full Version : "Stop after this song"?

2008-03-02, 21:00
Is there a way to tell SlimServer to continue playing the current song, to its end, but stop play after it finishes, retaining the contents of the playlist, and the current position within it?

Either a built-in way or a plugin?

In case anyone's curious, here's why I want such a feature:

One thing I dislike is stopping (or pausing) in the middle of a song. So if I want to stop, but retain my playlist, I will often try to time clicking "stop" with the end of the current song.

This is (believe it or not) a little stressful to me. Especially if I'm not familiar with the current song. And in fact, usually the only time that I want to retain my playlist is when I've got a bunch of new (to me) songs queued up, to listen to the first time. In this case, I'm generally not familiar with the current song, and so it's stressful.

2008-03-02, 22:05
Try the "Sleep" button on the remote. This has an option to sleep after current song which should mean it will switch off (i.e. go to standby mode) at that point. Without trying it I can't be sure it will retain the current playlist, but my guess is it will.


2008-03-03, 05:16
Yes, using the sleep in this fashion does keep the current playlist, to resume just hit play (twice?) on the remote.

How hard would it be to implement 'sleep' at the end of the NEXT song? Sometimes when heading out the door, the 15min option is too long.


2008-03-03, 07:02
I think you can remap the remote commands in the .ir file ... in which case it may be possible to remap the 'Stop' button to 'Forward to next track, then stop' ?

Not sure if you can get it to act on two commands.. someone who's tried remapping it might care to comment?