View Full Version : i tunes question

2008-03-02, 16:48
Does anyone have any idea if you can request that customer service take off the .drm (?) protection on itunes music in order to play purchased music on the squeezebox 3? Any idea if this is do-able for an additional fee? SD Customer support indicated that this may be a possibility.

2008-03-02, 18:42
Apple will not help you remove the DRM on existing tracks. However, some tracks are now available without DRM at a higher price (so called "iTunes Plus") - you can check via iTunes which of your tracks can be upgraded.

Eric Seaberg
2008-03-02, 20:09
Also check Amazon's music downloads. They're priced a little less than iTunes yet are at 256K MP3 and no DRM.

I'd prefer to purchase the CD from Amazon and rip it myself as Lossless, but if you need INSTANT GRATIFICATION, their downloads will play on the SB3.