View Full Version : Holy updates, Batman!

2008-02-29, 17:58
My squeezebox has recently decided that it needs to download new firmware nearly every time it starts up.

My server is a dual boot (linux/windows) so each update wants to download twice anyway, but each OS has forced three updates, making SIX updates in total. All that in just the last two weeks. Oh, and prior to this I hadn't seen a firmware update in ages .. like more than a year.

Is there something wrong with my device, or are you guys really pushing truckloads of updates?

FWIW: Updates significatnly lower the Wife Approval Rating.

2008-02-29, 19:25
You have different software versions between your 2 OSs. Check the Firmware directory and you'll see why. For Squeezebox, firmware updates are NOT pushed by slimdevices servers (unless you use squeezenetwork)