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David Cullen
2004-02-11, 03:19
>er...I'm not going to get into those aspects.

LOL!! I understand ;-)

Thanks for the tips. Having tested 192kbps MP3 I could notice a discernable
loss of clarity via my hifi. At 320kbps it was virtually negligble. Will do
some tests with other formats too.

Thanks again

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Quoting David Cullen <slimp3 (AT) another-perspective (DOT) net>:

> thanks kdf.
> sorry to be so green but if ogg gets converted to 320kbps MP3 before being
> sent to the slimp3 player what is the advantage of ripping and storing in
> .ogg format rather than 320kbps MP3?
it is converted on the fly, and only to mp3 for slimp3 players. Squeezebox
play back from a raw PCM stream. the format benefits for storage depend on
preference, and what other players you might use, and perhaps to some extent
religious beliefs ;).

> Does the file size end up smaller for the same quality?
> Or some other reason?

er...I'm not going to get into those aspects. Everyone has a preference, so
slimserver supports as many input formats as code can be created to handle.

> Very pleased with my slimp3 - just trying to work out the best format to
> all my cds and lps to before I do too many. As I have about 700 lps and
> it could be a long process so want to get it right!

It all depends on what you have for storage, and what you require for
quality. mp3, ogg etc are lossy codecs, so you DO lose some of the
that makes up your recording. There are lossless codecs like FLAC and
which preserve every bit of your audio files, but they take up a lot more
mp3's done at 128 kbps are about 10:1 compression, while FLAC seems to be
between 2:1 and 3:1. Your results may vary. Personally, I dont find that
128kbps mp3's are good enough, so my collection is ripped at 192kpbs
bit rate. Having a bit more storage now, than I did then, I'm planning to
my cd's to FLAC so that they have the best immunity to obsolescence of
and future designs. I still need mp3's since my portable player only plays