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2008-02-29, 15:01
Hi. I was wondering if anyone has used a wireless N card on the slimdevice? I've been looking high and low and can't seem to find anything. I keep getting disconnected from my slimdevice every now and then so I want to upgrade this thing. Not to mention the new hardware they just came out has the same old b/g card. I use it as a bridge too which is why I need to make this thing go faster. I'm using my htpc to surf, but it just has to get faster. I tried backing up an image through this thing and well, needless to say, it took too many hours just to back up the computer. Any info is greatly appreciated. I already have the wireless N router and yeah I know, things haven't gotten finished with the N stuff. Who cares, things work better than b/g now so I'm okay with that.

Just a side note...nice mini-itx setup Michael. I just finished looking through your setup and it's just a very clean setup. I like the way you orgazined your page too. I gotta do that someday. :)

2008-02-29, 17:05
I'm using a D-Link DIR-655 wireless router with the Squeezebox3 and there are no issues with that, as long as the squeezebox get a signal that's strong enough....

Could you describe a bit more about the issues, and specifically what router you are using


Harald N

2008-03-01, 03:53
If yu found a crad that fits in the SB3, I would be surprised if it actually worked. Wireless cards are largely software based, the drivers include the firmware that is sent to the card on every boot. An SB3 isn't going to include this firmware for another other card you put in the device.

802.11n is knows as Pre-N or even Draft-N right now, thats because it isn't a completely ratified standard. Logitech would be stupid to include 802.11n in a device when the standard could change enough for considderable compatability issues in the future. Not to mension increased parts cost and probably significant re-engineering of both the hardware and the software in side the reciever and controller to accomodate a 802.11n card (if one actaully exists that could be made to be compatible)

2008-03-01, 08:35
To minimize intermittent connection losses, I found I needed to adjust the power saving settings on Windows XP. Even though I disabled a power savings property on my PC wireless card, I would get disconnects if the PC went to sleep during periods of inactivity.

2008-03-01, 13:24
I have a Linksys wireless N router. I also have an Ubuntu Linux computer as my htpc that is connected to the router through the Slimdevice. I was just wondering if anyone has swapped the wireless card in the sb3 for a wireless N. The sb3 uses the older mini pci cards. So it would just be a matter of swapping it and as one of you said, yes I understand it's the software that helps, but the card has to also be and "N" card. If the sb3 automatically sees the card, why shouldn't it pick a new one up? I know, this is assuming too much, but I just had to ask. Backing up through this thing is awfully sloow so this is the reason I started this. It conveniently lets you listen to music, but you can't really go the other direction that well, so it kind of defeats that wireless purpose if you want to use it this way.

So far this is what I have found...and still looking...
http://www.atheros.com/news/AR5008_pci.html -- not sure what size these are
http://www.intel.com/network/connectivity/products/wireless/wireless_n/overview.htm - this one is the newer version which will not fit the sb3, but will fit my sony laptop.

There's another company that kept coming up but can't find at the moment...I'll post it when I do. FOUND IT! Can the forum admin please increase the logout time...the system is kicking me out too fast before I can finish my post. Thanks.

http://www.sparklan.com/product_details.php?prod_id=148 - these guys have two with two different chipsets. One is the Atheros and the other is Ralink.

So I would like to hear if anyone has tried a swap to see if it worked or what problems you ran into. Thanks.

One more thing...since we are on the DIY, take a look at this creation here...

2008-03-02, 02:09
As I said in my first reply to you, it isn't a simple case of changing the card and it will work. There are drivers to consider too.

It's just not going to work like you want.

Instead of messing around with Draft-N in your SB3, why not just get a wireless card for the HTPC and stop using the SB3 as a wirless bridge? Or better yet, hard wire it using Cat5?

PS. The Intel mini-PCIe card won't even fit as it is a completely different interface. The first link is to a reference design not available to the general public. The third and fourth links however are interesting. I've been looking for a Draft-N card for my old laptop andall I could find was theIntel one, so thanks for that :)

EDIT: as for the forum timing out and loggin you off, check the "remember me" box when you log in and this won't happen. (well, the session will time out, but you will automatically be logged in again when you hit submit).

2008-03-02, 10:52
Yeah, I have been thinking of getting a separate wireless N card for the computer and just skip the slimdevice altogether. I don't want to run a cable, I'll look into some other way of getting the wireless on this machine. I need to update my laptop too, but like you mentioned, they did changed the physical size of these cards, so we just have to make sure to get the right one for whatever you're using. Yes, technology can only takes us so far.

2008-04-01, 20:16
There is no chance that any N card will work _in_ a Squeezebox. However, upgrading your access point to N (if you haven't already) will probably improve the range.