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2008-02-28, 19:18
Well I search the forums for any info on thesixtyone. Terms searched "thesixtyone" "sixtyone" "61" "sixty one", so sorry if a thread already exists, I tried.

Anyhow I recently discovered this site http://www.thesixtyone.com/ and at first glance seem to like it. Lots of free streaming music, that is actually quite good. Music is voted on by the users, a somewhat similar model to the Digg website. Not sure of the streaming bitrate because have only used the web interface, however the quality appears pretty good.

My only complaint is that I do not see a way to listen to the streams outside of the browser. Maybe the guys at slim could talk to them and create an interface via slim, even have a way to vote using the remote :).

P.S. Forgot the one important difference between thesixtyone rating model and that of Digg, users of the sixtyone do NOT have an unlimited number of votes. They have a model in which you earn votes by how you vote.

2008-05-29, 16:05
yes! someone needs to work with them on this. there is an RSS feed, but it's not usable with slimserver.


2008-05-29, 16:25
Pretty interesting. Audio is 128k mp3.

2008-05-29, 18:30
it is interesting; a digg for music (for better or for worse). i'd love to press play on my slimserver and have it play the "top" songs on that site at that point in time.

i felt like this post had to be refreshed, since it wasn't responded to back in february.