View Full Version : iTunes statistics wrong in SlimServer 5.1?

Eric Schurr
2004-02-10, 19:57
My SlimServer is set to use iTunes on a Windows XP machine. iTunes
indicates i have 1506 songs in 432 albums by 492 artists. SlimServer says
my library contains 2582 songs in 503 albums by 561 artists.

Is SlimServer getting its statistics from the iTunes database or is it doing
its own scans? The only theory i have for why the song stats are mismatched
is i have duplicate files of some songs because i've purchased them from the
iTunes music store and ripped them back into MP3s so SlimServer can play
them. i've left the original AAC files in the same folder as its twin MP3,
but i've deleted the AAC entries from iTunes (so the song is only listed
once in iTunes). Even with this, however, i don't have and extra 1,000
files, so SlimServer must be getting erroneous statistics from somewhere.

SlimServer is pointed to the standard iTunes music folder (:\Documents and
Settings\Family\My Documents\My Music\iTunes)

Not a major issue, just a nuisance.