View Full Version : Auto-accept dialogs from iTunes / MusicIP Mixer (Mac OS X)?

2008-02-27, 02:04
Hi all,

I would like to run my SqueezeCenter on a headless server, which is automatically shut-down in the night, then rebooted next evening, when I come home (trying to keep my energy consumption low, save the world etc....).

On this server, I will run two programs

a) iTunes, for automatic ripping of the CD's insterted in the Mac Mini Server
b) MusicIP Mixer for music mixing

However, I find that both of these programs has a bad habit of throwing up dialogs. MusicIP always does this, if it has problems connecting to the internet, iTunes does this if the CD inserted into the Mac has been ripped once before.

As far as I can see I cannot make sure that dialogs never appear. Thus I will need a way to make them dissapear without me having to VPN into the server.

For Mac OS 9 there were a piece of software that auto-pressed e.g. Cancel or OK in dialog's. Does such software exist for Mac OS X?

Kind regards


2008-03-03, 07:40
Anyone with input on this one?

2008-03-09, 05:15
Finally managed to track down the Mac OS 9 equivalent - Okey Dokey Pro (freeware). The nearest Mac OS X equivalent seems to be Lazy Mouse. Alas...it doesn't click the button...and it's not free either :-(


Any input?