View Full Version : Dead Ethernet port SB3

Blue Fishey
2008-02-26, 12:59

Bought a SB3 wired, got it home and yep ethernet port dead !

Put a Mini Pci Wireless card in Bingo !

THe firmware was 55 upgraded to 88 ! so how long ago did that go on line !!

Any ideas how to get ethernet port fixed ?

Also some sctratches/marks on the front any ideas how to get a new front panel ?



Anoop M.
2008-02-26, 13:48
Did you get the unit brand new or used? If you got it brand new then this is not OK by any means. Please contact Support AT Slimdevices DOT com and they will help you in getting a new unit.

Blue Fishey
2008-02-26, 14:06
2nd hand :(

Its a orig Slim Devices SB3 (sliver)

Have placed a call with US support, only bugger I'm based in the UK


Anoop M.
2008-02-26, 14:13
Can you please PM me with your address as I am looking into sending you a new faceplate. also include your phone number.

Blue Fishey
2008-02-26, 14:31
Thanks Mate

Sent :)


2008-02-28, 05:32
That brought my ethernet port back to life after a close by lightning strike. Of course, YMMV. Cordially,

Blue Fishey
2008-02-28, 13:29
a ?


2008-02-28, 13:56
a ?