View Full Version : A SB3, a Quad 303, and the left-hand ESL

2008-02-25, 15:01
... and some copperwire...

Decennia apart but still going strong. The Quad 303 basically takes any load (including car headlights for the real party-effect ) and seems rather unimpressed by the new-born Squeezebox.

Unfortunately you cannot hear the set-up, :-P

I listen to music, I'm cool.

2008-03-12, 02:08
Very nice setup - A beautiful blend of a Legend and maybe a Legend in the making. ! Gotta love those ESL's. Had a pair of 57's myself and although I don't have them now, I'm still a Quadite. Bought a Quad 909 late last year which I'm thoroughly enjoying. Makes some nice music using an SB3 as source.

2009-05-11, 00:10
It seem cool, nice setup.

PC diagnostic (http://www.softsea.com/software/Diagnostic-Software.html) software

2010-09-29, 02:55
Ahhh minimalist setups!

I have an SB3, a Harmon-Kardon Citation II and a pair of ESL-57's. Mine are the "bronze" color that make them look more like room heaters for a 1962 Swedish prototype moon base. Gotta love them Quads! I have a small room, too, so I get pretty good bass extension (though not REAL earth-shaking stuff, of course.)

I ended up complicating my minimalist setup by building a "passive pre" (Alps volume pots and a source selector) and I am now using an outboard DAC (Cambridge DAC MAGIC )- I can hear deeper bass from the DAC magic than the SB3 on headphones (separate heaphone amp-) but on the Quads I am hard pressed to detect any difference.

I also use a modified Forte 4a power amp sometimes, instead of the H-K.

I love the Quad ESLs.

2010-10-06, 12:16
Well if we're showing off SB3s and ESLs...


Sitting in the fireplace is the SB3, atop a couple of boxes containing a DIY Paradise Charlize II and a decent PSU. The Quads are fully rebuilt by One Thing Audio, and have a black textile cover. They have custom legs a la Quad Germany, nice :)

2015-02-07, 10:40
After all these years, moving, job change and Logitech killing Squeezebox, the set-up still works awesome.

The Quad was in dear need of a refurbish, certainly after a thunderstorm took out the power board. But here it is again: new in old glory.

Pictures before and after.

Thanks to the guys (and probably girls) at net audio: http://www.net-audio.co.uk/quad303upgrade.html the 303 started a new life.