View Full Version : SC7 - missing menu items

2008-02-24, 13:38
I have just upgraded to last night's beta of SC7 and I notice some of the menu items previously on 6.54 are not there. Specifically 'Browse Music' and 'New Music'. I have:

---Music Library---
Music Folder
...and so on...

Has it moved or is this something to do with being a beta? I can add 'New Music' to the menus on my devices though.

2008-02-24, 14:01
Browse Music is now Music Library.
New Music is an item under Music Library.

2008-02-24, 15:52
Hmmm in that case my install is broken. When I click ---Music Library--- the server gets stuck in a loop refreshing the page about once a second and I get two copies of the toolbar. I'll try updating again tomorrow.

Looks like my browser cache was the problem. Cleared cache and restarted SC and now all the items are back under Music Library.