View Full Version : Web Interface Problem

2008-02-22, 16:56
After playing with the web interface on my Palm Tx and selecting the Handheld interface I was surprised to find that all web interface connections were changed. Didn't expect it but understand why. My problem is that when switching back to the Default interface I find it has changed. I'm running SC7.0 on CC4.2 (I think). The difference is on the left hand pane of the web interface, it was white - it's now green/black and the font is now grey and smaller. I can't find where to reset it to as it was upon first installation.

Thanks for any help.

P.S. In future I'll just leave it alone:) - it works so why play with it...

2008-02-22, 18:23
Use the /Handheld/ skin, e.g.


It's the only skin that I've found to work well with the TX.