View Full Version : A site for high res album art, liner notes, etc?

2008-02-22, 15:51
I'm wondering if such a website exists...I mean one that would come 'close' to replicating or giving something similar to the experience some of us had as kids growing up with vinyl. Is there a place where one can download (for a fee is fine) high-quality album art (that has high enough resolution to still look good at, say, the size of a CD jewel box or bigger...maybe LP sized?) and any liner notes that an album may have?

Is this a pipedream? I'm sure there would be all sorts of legal wrangling that would need to take place to make this a reality.

Just wondering.


2008-02-22, 16:01
These might be useful to you for art. They are basically meta-sites linking artwork made available by others, but have some high quality art. I haven't seen much in the way of liners notes, etc.


2008-02-22, 16:12
I'm scanning liner notes and OCRing them into html files. What a pain! I'm using the Readiris Pro 11 that came with my hp scanner. Anyone know of a better/more flexible/more accurate package that's not too spendy?

2008-02-23, 05:43
Have you tried www.discogs.com ?